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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Summer Survival Guide: Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Between reunions with old friends and gatherings with the extended family, Summer traveling can mean a lot of miles logged in the family car. Road trips can be a fun way to see some sights while on the way to your destination, but they can also disrupt a healthy routine. Before you fall into a greasy fast food rut while you're on the road, take a few minutes before you leave to prepare delicious snacks that will not only be healthy but are also easy to deal with while you're eating on the go.

  • Celery sticks: Celery does double duty by filling you up while helping you stay hydrated during the long hours in the car.
  • Homemade trail mix: It's easy to make your own trail mix — not to mention healthier than the store-bought stuff — and it'll help keep you full and energized on the road. Make sure to buy unsalted peanuts and dried fruit without added sugar, and try one of these healthy homemade trail mix combos.
  • Multigrain crackers: If you're craving carbs, keep some multigrain, or better yet wholegrain, crackers in your snack supply, but divide into serving-sized baggies beforehand so you don't keep reaching for more. I particularly like Wasa crackers and Finn Crisps.
  • String cheese: Enjoy cheese in moderation and get some of your daily dose of calcium with one of these travel-friendly snacks.
  • Finger sandwiches: For something more sustainable, make some easy sandwiches with hummus and cucumber and cut into fours for a filling snack or a full-on meal.
  • Fruit: Sliced apples or pears, bananas, and other fruits are easy to throw into your car cooler and are also an excellent source of fiber, something that becomes more important as holiday travels begin to wreak havoc on your body.

What healthy snacks do you take with you on a trip?

Source: Flickr User Nicholas_T

leemorg leemorg 5 years
Hi there, Thanks for the great snack ideas. It always pays to pack your own fare rather than hitting the gas station snack bar or food court. Bringing your own stash gives you greater control over your waistline, as you can better choose what and how much you're consuming. In addition to the items mentioned above, I'd recommend packing some individual Greek yogurt portions. Greek yogurt is packed with protein--you know, the stuff that keeps you full and satisfied and helps build lean muscle. One individual cup can pack up to about 13 grams of protein, so you're definitely setting yourself for success. When putting together your own healthy snacks, calorie count isn't necessarily the most important consideration. Low-calorie snack bars, for example, often contain hidden baddies--tons of added sugar, fat, or salt, for example. The sugar can cause your blood glucose levels to spike, then crash shortly after which, in the end, means you'll be feeling hungry soon after you JUST ate. Look for foods that are rich in fiber, low in additives like sugar, and have a fair portion of protein to boot. You might also try combining two different items into a single snack. I like to pair a medium-sized apple with a handful of plain nuts. The apple is a great source of fiber (with a touch of natural sweetness), and the plain nuts also boast some fiber and protein as well. When in doubt, I like to pack a protein shake or nutrition bar with me in the car. Nutrition shakes are normally good for providing a balance of nutrients, carbs, AND protein, but a more "straight up" protein shake can also be just as hearty. If you have room for a mini lunch cooler in the backseat, throw in a couple shakes for the road, along with your Greek yogurt. Hopefully this helps you survive 20 Questions, I-Spy, and the license plate game ;) Happy eating! Best, Lee
realgloss realgloss 6 years
We always take leftovers from homemade meals, better than stopping for a fastfood lunch!
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