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Healthy Super Bowl Snack Tips From Jillian Michaels

3 Tips on Healthy Super Bowl Snacking From Jillian Michaels

If you're like us, you might be parked on the couch this Sunday watching the Super Bowl. Even if you're not a huge football fan, there's still halftime, the commercials, and Super Bowl parties to contend with. Before you let the big game day deter you from your healthy diet, check out how trainer Jillian Michaels keeps Super Bowl eating healthy, fun, and filling.

  • Snacking is a hard habit to break . . . so don’t — Jillian says to look for healthier snack options instead: Popchips are great alternatives to brands like Doritos or Cheetos, and we love making kale chips. Jillian makes nachos healthier by swapping out cheese and sour cream for black beans, guacamole, fresh salsa, and plain Greek yogurt. And if meat is on the menu, look for lean grass fed beef or organic chicken. Or consider going meat-free with our tofu chili with black beans.
  • Steer clear of calorie-filled condiments —  When dressing up a burger, Jillian says to avoid high calorie condiments like ketchup and mayo. Instead, she prefers to garnish football fare with avocado and organic veggies.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption —  Jillian suggests skipping alcohol completely on Super Bowl Sunday, but if that's not possible, go for something lighter. Our picks are a glass of wine, low-cal cocktail, or light beer.
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Join The Conversation
Tierney72 Tierney72 6 years
Go STEELERS!!!! I might not live in the "Burgh" right now- in fact I am in the UK. Yet I will always be a die hard fan on the team I grew up with. You can't help it when you are around 40yrs? and you still remember your parents having Super Bowl parties listening to the Pointer Sisters singing We Are Family!!!!! I don't drink- but I love food. What a better way to celebrate:)
northcarolinag2 northcarolinag2 6 years
I think it's because ketchup has a lot of sugar and avocado has good fat. I could be wrong. I'm seriously thinking of skipping the alcohol. I just never have one and then I end up feeling lazy the next day. Not worth it.
Arthur Arthur 6 years
i'm going to rotisserie a pig. will not be a low calorie day :)
iheartkerning iheartkerning 6 years
I'm sorry, but how is ketchup (mine is 20 calories per tablespoon, no HFCS) a high calorie condiment compared to avocado? Avocado has the same number of calories per tablespoon...
Skorpio Skorpio 6 years
The Packers wont win unless I eat everything!!! ;)
jesssa jesssa 6 years
good tips! i like to just use the moderation rule. instead of snacking on these things mindlessly, make the snacks your meal. that way you are satisfied with your bigger portion, you get to enjoy more of the foods available [just take a little bit of each thing you would like] and you won't want to continue to eat. and of course, load up on the crudite! also, i think if you choose more filling eats like chili, wings [minus the boatload of sticky sauce], maybe a slice of pizza [a simple slice, no deep dish/stuffed crust/grease-laden kinds!], you will stay fuller and consume less overall. enjoy the game!
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