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Healthy Things to Do Before Bedtime

Think You Wasted Your Day? How to Salvage It Before Bedtime

The end of the day, at dinner and beyond, is a good time to assess your day to be mindful about your healthy goals. And while it's not the time to beat yourself up if you weren't able to get to the gym or you snuck more than a few pieces of candy during the day, you can end the day on a high note by making sure you hit a few more healthy to-dos. So before your head hits the pillow, here are a few ways to sneak in a little more healthy habits into your day, before it ends.

Fill up on your daily nutrients: If you've spent all day eating vitamin-empty foods, don't continue that track when it's dinner time. Make dinner the time of day when you fill in the holes in your diet before it's bedtime. Fill up on nutrient-dense superfoods (try getting some of these in-season superfoods from your local grocery store), and always ensure that you have these healthy pantry staples stocked up so a fast, healthy dinner is only minutes away. Find your recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals here.

Stop the snacking train: You may think that a day of mindless snacking may be a time to chock it up to a waste of a day, but you can still make the most of even the most gluttonous of days. A recent study found that people who snacked in the morning were less likely to lose weight than those who didn't snack, because those who ended up snacking were doing so even when they weren't hungry. Mindless snacking can happen any time of the day, so if you're relaxing in front of the TV and suddenly have a jonesing for some chips, gauge if you're really hungry before you head to the kitchen.


More ways to salvage a not-so-healthy day after the break.

Take five to exercise: While pumping up your heart rate right before bedtime may not be the best idea for some, taking a few minutes to do some strength training exercises while you're getting ready for bed can be a good idea if you weren't able to fit in your day. And studies have shown that evening exercise doesn't disrupt your sleep (it may even help you sleep if you've got energy to expend).

Have a drink: It can be easy to forget to drink the recommended amount of water all day. Before you go to sleep, remind yourself to drink more water — have a tall glass or two with dinner or relax before bed with a hot cup of herbal tea. Find out how much water you should be drinking every day here.

Set yourself up for sleep success: If you're sleep deprived, chances are you'll make unhealthier decisions than if you're more well rested. So before you start the day behind, spend some time making sure you're relaxed and ready to meet the next day. Take out any distractions, like clutter or blinking tech distractions.

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