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Healthy Things to Do on the Weekend

Healthy Ways to Take Advantage of a Leisurely Weekend Morning

Ah, the weekend. If you're used to a hectic work week, Saturday and Sunday mornings are the best time to spend some time doing the things you weren't able to get to during the rest of the week.

While weekends are good for long workouts, they also can be great for doing things that don't even require you to lace up your running shoes. Here are some healthy things to you can do when you are getting your day going.

  • Stretch in bed. These can help energize you when you just want the alarm clock to stop buzzing during the week, but taking a few more minutes to do a series of them will make you feel amazing. From a spinal twist to a cobra, do a few stress-releasing stretches before you shuffle out of bed.
  • Make like a barista. Weekday coffee may be just whatever you can grab on your way to work, but take some time on the weekend to figure out your favorite way to be caffeinated. A little bit of coffee has been proven to have many benefits — from reducing your risk of certain diseases to improving your memory — so if you're a coffee drinker now's the time to brew the perfect cup, experiment with a French press, and otherwise be able to fully appreciate the beverage.
  • Contemplate. The benefits of weekend mornings is that you can take time to do something you may not have time to do on during the week — nothing. Whether it's through meditation or just curling up with a book, you'll be relieving stress and releasing the work week's anxieties.
  • Have a healthy shower. There are so many things you can do in the shower besides lather up and shave. Take some time on the weekend to do things you may feel like you don't have time for during the week, like using a homemade body scrub or relieving congestion with an in-shower neti pot.
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