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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Eating Tips
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Healthy Tip: Wear Bracelets to Help You Drink Your Daily Water

Recent research may say that there is no proven benefit to drinking eight glasses of water a day, but I for one feel better when I stay hydrated. Especially if you're sweating on a regular basis you're going to want to keep the water coming. Water is also my beverage of choice over high calorie sodas. Occasionally, I have a hard time remembering to keep drinking a glass of H20 every hour or so, and if you have the same problem here's a fashionable tip. Buy a set of eight bangle bracelets. Wear them on your right hand and every time you finish a glass of water, move a bracelet over to your left wrist. It'll help you keep track of your water intake, and you'll look stylish doing it.


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snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Gigli- yeah don't get me wrong, I drink a lot of water because it's calorie and aspartame free, and I hate to feel thirsty. I have nothing against water...but I've looked at the studies and research that Fit posted a long time ago that says it's pointless to drink 8 glasses, so I don't worry about it. I drink it when I'm thirsty, working out, or eating. I just think it's strange that even though Fit has acknowledged that it isn't proven to do anything, she gives us tips to make sure we still drink 8 glasses! I think a lot of people "feel better" because of a placebo effect. Obviously I'm not advocating not drinking water, but if you had 6 glasses one day, and 10 the next, I'm pretty sure you'd be fine.
NatureMadeLisa NatureMadeLisa 9 years
I don't know if bangle bracelets are my style, but I try to drink through a straw so when I drink water I drink more of it than normal.
Advah Advah 9 years
^good question. I usually drink green tea instead of water throughout the day. I sort of force myself to drink because I noticed I can spend hours at my desk and simply forget to drink (which gives me bad headaches), plus it forces me to go to the bathroom otherwise I wouldn't get up from my chair for the whole day. Guess drinking water eliminates toxines out of your body? I wouldn't take 8 glasses as the ultimate rule though, I guess it varies depending on your height and weight..
gigill gigill 9 years
snowbunny11: i was thinking the exact same thing. this "eight glasses" thing has been so ingrained in us that we just can't shake it. why?
dezzydezi dezzydezi 9 years
never thought of this before. i will try it
vanilla19 vanilla19 9 years
That's SUCH a good idea.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
Cool idea! I should do this. I try to drink two 20 ounce bottles a day, but sometimes I forget.
allinavhcnerf allinavhcnerf 9 years
i also think it's a cute idea
nancita nancita 9 years
What a cute idea! I love those little bangles, too. Not that I need a reminder to drink more water, but I know lots of people who could use this.
Happsmjc Happsmjc 9 years
I drink at least 48 oz. a day, so all I do is have a 24 oz. water bottle that I fill up at least twice a day. Usually its much more then twice, but after those first two I know I've had my daily amount!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
And by drinking water, I mean drinking 8 glasses. Obvs. we need water to live.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
If there's no proven benefit to drinking water....why would we do this? Superstition?
hottpink hottpink 9 years of those really cool slap bracelets! Man, those thing wre fun back in the day....
Lynne Lynne 9 years
Hey Uptown, you should try the colorful skinny jelly bracelets from the 80s!!!
uptown_girl uptown_girl 9 years
Good idea. Too bad I can't really wear bracelets at work. I've tried but it makes to much noise when I move my hand across the Wacom tablet or keyboard. I'll have to come up with something else, or just get fabric bracelets!
Lynne Lynne 9 years
WOW, what a great tip! Jessee, you sound just like me. I drink coffee all morning, then switch to water all afternoon AND a Diet Coke at lunch to satisfy my addiction for the day!
HipMom HipMom 9 years
oh wow, I just read this tip on Self magazine the other day. It's a great tip!
corduroy1 corduroy1 9 years
nice idea!! i already drink all day long though.
lauriegilbert lauriegilbert 9 years
This is a great idea -- so simple and yet so useful!
Jessee Jessee 9 years
After my one and only cup of coffee, I drink water, water, water. Sometimes, I will break down and have a Diet Coke - especially with Chinese food. For some reason, that's when it tastes the best.
Greentea1203 Greentea1203 9 years
Great tip! I don't need it, however, as I drink a ton of water all day long. I think I've had 3 bottles of water in the last 30 minutes. Bathroom break!
sundaygreen sundaygreen 9 years
good tip!
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