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Healthy Tips For Dining Out 2010-05-13 07:30:58

Speak Up: Tricks For Dining Out Without Porking Out

Country music singer Carrie Underwood avoids going out to eat as a way to stay on the healthy path, but I could never do that. I go out at least once a week, whether it be for a big family breakfast, lunch with my gal pal, or a dinner date with my hubby. I will say that with all the deliciously decadent foods on the menu, it's hard not to be tempted to overindulge, which can be bad news for your waistline.

I believe that you shouldn't deny yourself the occasional pleasure of eating at your favorite restaurants, but it's always good to have tricks up your sleeve that allow you to enjoy yourself without undoing all the good you do. What tricks do you use when dining out?

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