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Healthy Ways to Take a Break During the Work Day

5 Healthy Breaks to Take Every Workday

If you're prone to sitting down most of the day at work, chances are you're often in need of a break. Here are five ways to keep your body feeling healthy and happy during those eight hours in your chair.

  1. Rest your eyes: Those pupils need a rest. Reduce eye strain by closing your eyes or looking away from your screen for a few seconds every 15 minutes. Here are more tips for keeping your eyes healthy when using a computer.
  2. Do some desk stretches: Chair stretches energize and relieve tension. Get in the habit of stretching when you feel tense or notice your posture is failing. We've got lots of stretches you can do at your desk to relieve neck and shoulder tension.
  3. Exercise with a purpose: Being deskbound for so long can make us forget that we should be moving more. Try taking a five-minute walking break every hour or so when you need to get things done — take the longer route to the kitchen or bathroom, or go up and down a few flights of stairs while you're brainstorming. It's a good way to combat the dangerous effects of sitting down for so long.
  4. Take a noncoffee break: Warm up with a cup of green tea; it'll help fill up your stomach to curb cravings, and you'll be getting a lot more disease-fighting antioxidants than if you reach for the coffee pot.
  5. Relax the wrists: If you've been feeling twinges of pain, cramps, or other discomfort while you type away, be sure to regularly stretch your wrists. Here are five stretches to do to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
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