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Heidi Klum's Got a Good Take on Her Post-Baby Bod

Heidi Klum's Got a Good Take on Her Post-Baby Bod

Thanks to a healthy attitude — and a little encouragement from hubby Seal — Heidi Klum is working to get her body back in shape after baby number four. Still, if you're expecting the supermodel to take a turn in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you might be surprised to learn that she won't be walking the runway this year, but playing hostess duty instead.

In an interview with US Weekly, it seems this mom is a little more realistic when it comes to shaping up her body after giving birth. Heidi told the magazine:

"I wouldn't say I'm back in the shape yet. But I don't know. Everything changes when you get older. It was different when I was 31 with the first one. Now, being 36 with the fourth one, it's different."

It seems to me the mom is setting a realistic expectation for getting back in shape and going about it the right way. She knows that it takes some work to get the bod you want, saying that, "For me, it always works to get back into it immediately. I think that if you wait too long, it kind of sticks on and it stays there forever. I have to be motivated." Still, she's not gym-crazed or diet-obsessed, adding that she's not exercising too much for now: "I walk on the treadmill a little bit. I walk on the driveway. I'm very active with the children." Sure, she's blessed with some supermodel genes (and possibly a very long driveway), but even still, Heidi's take on weight loss seems surprisingly down-to-earth to me — do you agree?

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Spectra Spectra 7 years
Holy crap; am I the only one who is amazed that she's had 4 kids in 5 years? Geez, why even bother getting back in shape between kids...just wait until you're done and then get back in shape. Still, I'm with jkat--"I just walk and do some yoga and the baby weight magically falls off". Riiiight, especially when you're 36 and a model. She has a trainer and a nutritionist, I'm pretty sure.
jkat jkat 7 years
Yeahhh and Ashleigh Simpson lost all her baby weight by holding Bronx and doing Pilates.
missyd missyd 7 years
Hmmmm you didn't read the article where she said she had 20 MORE pounds to lose? I don't know if taking 20 more pounds off is realistic or a good example...she'll be back to being rail thin
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