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Excited by the feedback she received on her body at the shoot for her upcoming Playboy cover, Heidi Montag has decided to make a video — a fitness video.

Heidi has decided to share her fitness and nutritional secrets with the public at large. We've seen her bikini body on the The Hills, and her upcoming downloadable workout, created by her fitness trainer Chad Waterbury, will be full of the "full body, intense resistance exercises" that created that toned physique. We know that a fit body requires fuel, so Heidi's video will include some nutritional tips as well.

Learn more about the Heidi workout.

Waterbury developed a workout with both light and heavy weight — extremely heavy weights like 75-pound kettlebells — to create muscle tone but maintain a feminine shape. In fact, Heidi asked her trainer to help her develop a curvy backside. Waterbury explains, "When she came to me her butt was really flat and she wanted to make it bigger. Now, it's nice, shapely and round." The workout is also done rapidly to burn "fat faster."

In addition to her workout, Heidi avoids white foods and carbs but fills up on lean proteins like grass-fed beef. She eat fruits aplenty as well, and her faves include apples and berries.

Will you be downloading Heidi's workout?

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