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Helena Christensen on Easy Tone Reebok Ad, Diet, Exercise

Easy on the Eyes: Helena Christensen in Only Easy Tones

Reebok doesn't shy away from sexy and controversial ads. But they have moved away from the eye-catching headline "Make Your Boobs Jealous!" campaign featuring talking breasts, to a double-take-inducing shot of supermodel Helena Christensen completely bare, except for her shoes. The irony of her shod nakedness doesn't escape the model, who recently spoke with Bella. Of the new ad, Helena said, ". . . we did actually a lot of other shots with clothes on, but I don’t think anyone has actually seen those shots yet. (laughs) It’s sort of this one that gets the attention, and I can totally see the humor in that — naked, wearing sneakers."

When not sculpting her backside wearing Easy Tones, Helena lends her support to bra maker Bali to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. I am thinking her toned derriere might have good reason to be jealous of her breasts?

To learn how the 41-year-old supermodel/mom/photographer eats and exercises, just read more.

When it comes to food, Helena has a healthy appetite and loves cheese, explaining, "I eat a lot and I eat a lot of different foods. I eat a lot of dairy products. I don’t hold myself back in any way, and then, I just work out." Like other foodie celebs, it came down to this self-imposed question for her: "'Do you want to keep eating this much your whole life, and not move that much? Or do you want to cut back on your food intake?' And I decided that absolutely not. I would just literally not exist if I couldn’t eat the way I do." In order to feast on cheese, Helena boxes because it "keeps your metabolism fast, your heart rate up, and that way, I can keep eating the way I like to eat."


But her workouts are more than a calorie-burning exercise; she does them for her mental state too. "You know life can be very confusing, and nowadays the way we live, it’s very easy to stress and feel anxious about so many things, that the only time we relax is when we sleep or work out. You kind of distract yourself from everything else because you're doing something that physically demands your attention."

Her philosophy is flexible too; she advocates listening to your body. "I feel like your body requests certain things at certain times. Sometimes, you feel like you really need to eat more vegetables right now, more salads, and other times, it just asks for burgers all the time (laughs)."

What has your body been asking for lately? For me — chocolate.

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