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Help the Environment. Help Yourself.

Someone recently asked me why I post so often about green issues. While it seems obvious to me that the health of the planet influences our personal health, it is not so apparent to others.

I now have a little more unfortunate evidence backing me up. The European Environment Agency reported that the life expectancy in Europe has been cut by nearly a year, and they are pointing the finger at pollution, both air and water, as well as climate change. The agency also reported that over 100 million Eastern Europeans did not have safe water supplies. Wow!

I take this news to heart literally. It inspires me to bike and walk more. It inspires me to buy fewer goods, especially plastic. It inspires me to think globally and act locally. So do what you can to help the environment, because essentially you are really just helping yourself.


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mirra-belle-123 mirra-belle-123 9 years
YOU ARE AWESOME FIT!!! I care so much about the environment and I think everyone else should do. We should give it the respect it deserves. I love taking walks and enjoying the nature around me, and by recycling and saving paper, I know that these little things go a long way. Keep posting the good advice and news about our environment!
veside veside 9 years
GOOD FOR YOU FIT! The US is way behind on enviro issues. Hopefully a new administration will address that. it's not a fad--it's math. the industrial revolution combined with the pop growth in the globe have contributed to a rampant deluge of the planet by chemicals. The least we can do is hinder the downward spiral...
wiggle wiggle 9 years
I hear you peregrine! The EU has banned my chemicals used for making plastic. So manufacturers make 2 different versions of the same product. One for the EU with out the controversial chemicals and then a version for the US and the rest of the world with the chemicals.
peregrine peregrine 9 years
There's definitely a link between health and environment and it gets stronger the more research is done. This mention of Europe got me thinking about how Europe actually has banned over 1,000 chemicals that are still used in North American products, particularly cosmetics and so on. Then I saw this just a few days ago: To think that you can be eating all organic but still putting cancer causing and other unhealthy chemicals on your skin or ingesting them through lipstick is something that still hasn't gotten much attention.
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