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Herb Red Raspberry Leaf Helps With Menstrual Issues and More

Herbal Primer From Goddess Body: Red Raspberry Leaf

The OnSugar blog Goddess Body shares why you should put some red raspberry leaf into your diet.

Red Raspberry leaf is used as a basic herbal foundation for all female organs and problems. Shoshanna from shows you some ways to use red raspberry leaf. Here's more info from

Strengthens wall of uterus and entire female reproductive system.

Decreases profuse menstrual flow.

Good during all months of pregnancy. Alleviates morning sickness and nausea. Has been used as a preventative for hemorrhaging during labor. Assists labor, makes delivery easier and relieves after pains. Tones and regulates before, during and after childbirth.

Increases and enriches milk for lactation, can be combined with marshmallow tea.

Raspberry tea is mild and pleasant to taste. It is good for stomachaches and bowel problems in children. For diarrhea in babies.

Soothing to stomach and bowels and cankerous conditions of mucous membranes in the alimentary canal.

High mineral and vitamin source.

Please consult an herbal specialist when using herbal products.

Get more fitness tips, videos, and exercises by following Goddess Body. And why not start your own OnSugar blog? Your posts could be featured here on FitSugar.

wackdoodle wackdoodle 6 years
I starting drink raspberry leaf tea over 4 years ago when my doctor told me not to take NSAIDs for uterine cramping and excessive swelling. The raspberry leaf tea lessened my cramps and eased my periods with each passing period to the point where now I rarely have to drink the tea because I rarely have cramps anymore. If I ever remember to buy more tea I would resume drinking it because it also alleviated the horrible abdominal swelling I get when I have my period. I didn't have any negative side effects from drinking the raspberry leaf tea before & during my period.
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