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High Fructose Corn Syrup Lobby Group Hopes to Change Name to Corn Sugar

New Name, but Same Sweetener: HFCS = Corn Sugar

The folks that brought you those Sweet Surprise commercials defending high fructose corn syrup a couple of years back are at it again. The Corn Refiners Association is hoping to change the name of the sweet and corny syrup from the much maligned term high fructose corn syrup, to "corn sugar."

The lobby group petitioned for the name change today with the Food and Drug Administration for use on food labels. Although approval for food labeling could take up to two years, the term "corn sugar" is already being used in advertisements. The name makeover is the group's response to a 20-year low in sales of high fructose corn syrup, which has been blamed for the obesity problem. The new ads feature consumers stating, "whether it's corn sugar or cane sugar, your body can't tell the difference. Sugar is sugar." Although the two sweeteners are essentially the same nutrition-wise, HFCS has been linked to hypertension. Research also shows that the body may metabolize HFCS differently than sugar in a way that increases liver disease and diabetes.

What do you think of the name change? Are you buying it?

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