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High Protein Snacks Ideas

Your High-Protein, Low-Cal Snack Ideas

I eat at least one snack a day in the mid-afternoon, and high-protein choices are the best for refueling my body and giving me energy, especially before an evening workout. I recently suggested five high-protein snacks, and here are some of your own delicious high-protein snack suggestions:

  • "Three hard boiled eggs — without the yolk (51 calories, 10.8 grams of protein)." — belle28
  • "I make a shrimp spread with fat-free sour cream, hot sauce, and diced cooked shrimp, and I eat it on a slice of whole wheat bread. Yum! You don't need more than a few tablespoons of sour cream, so the spread ends up being mostly shrimp. Two oz. shrimp has 55 calories and 18 g protein, two tablespoons sour cream has 30 calories and 1.5 g protein, and a slice of wheat bread has around 60 calories, so the snack is 145 calories and 19.5 g protein." — wmoonw
  • TADOW loves "string cheese or one tablespoon of peanut butter over apple slices. YUM!"
  • "My fave protein snacks involve faux meat. One cup of Quorn chik'n tenders + some BBQ sauce is about 100 calories and 10 g of protein. Or a Morningstar Farms Griller patty (cooked pretty well in a pan) + ketchup is around 140 calories and 15 g of protein. No cholesterol and both have 1 g of saturated fat or less." — danakscully64
  • Zulkey says, "I prefer carrots with PB."
  • "My snacks are a cup of strawberries with an Activia Light Yogurt and an apple with two wedges Laughing Cow Light." — mtiger
  • Spectra loves this idea: "Half a can of tuna in water with a little mustard mixed in. I spread it on a corn tortilla and eat it like a wrap. It's about 130 calories total; 15 g protein."
  • "Roasted black soy beans! High in fiber and protein." — lunabo
  • An anonymous reader suggested, "No sugar added fruit cups with yogurt or cottage cheese."

Looking for some other yummy snack ideas? Head on over to the Snack Attack: Healthy Snack ideas community group.

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