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Hit the Hay: Spinal Twist

Stretching in bed is a great way to calm the body before bedtime. It relieves stress and tension, so you can fall asleep more quickly. When you wake up in the morning, stretching in bed instead of snoozing for 10 minutes, will give your brain some calm time before you have to get up and hit the ground running. So here's one of my favorite stretches to do in bed that will target your lower back.

For instruction on how to do this stretch click here.

  • Lie on your back on the left side of your bed. Lift your right knee into your chest, and then cross it over to the left side of your body. Let it hang slightly over the edge of the bed.
  • Extend your right arm in T-position, palm facing down. Bring your left hand to your right hip, and gently press your hip to the left to increase the stretch.
  • Turn your head to the right.
  • Stay like this for 30 seconds or more, feeling your spine lengthen and twist. You may even hear some "cracks."
  • Then use your abs to lift your knee back to center. Shift your body over to the right side of the bed and do this stretch with the left knee.
  • Stay here for at least 30 seconds and then lift your knee back up. Hug both knees into your chest to release your lower back.
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