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Hitting Snooze Button Doesn't Help With Sleep Deficit

To Snooze or Not to Snooze

In a dark room, in a deep dream, your early morning alarm clock buzzing you awake can be quite disarming, but you probably shouldn't press the snooze button. Those extra nine, 18, or 27 minutes of sleep, depending on how many times your press the snooze button, are not going to help you dig yourself out of a sleep deficit. Those extra minutes of sleep are fragmented and in no way deep so they don't provide the rest you need. Rather than relying "snooze button sleep," try getting to bed earlier to catch some extra shut-eye. How many times do you usually press the snooze button? Tell me in the comments section below.


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malpal4426 malpal4426 8 years
I am the queen of snooze.... 3-4 times, even for my VERY loud alarm. I'm such a deep sleeper that I frequently turn off the alarm without even realizing it... and usually wake up late.
digibron digibron 8 years
We don't even have a snooze button on our alarm clock, but at the moment I'm in the habit of resetting the alarm to go off 10 min after the initial blast. (I only do it once though.) It's a bit of a waste of time actually - the clock is 10 min fast anyway (to help me avoid being late to work), so I guess I should just set it to the right time! :P But mentally it makes me feel like I've stolen a bonus little nap, and I kind of like that. ;P
shellbelle1 shellbelle1 8 years
At least once, otherwise I feel deprived! I don't always go back to sleep though, I usually use that time to try and figure out what I'm going to wear!
amandaaa amandaaa 8 years
i never hit the snooze. when i wake up, i am UP. and i usually wake up before the alarm.
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
a LOT. I use my phone as my alarm clock now and if you press snooze 4 times it just turns off...and i always seem to get to that point. i tried putting it in the other room but i will still do it! going to bed earlier, everything...i am just worthless before about 7:45. I am really trying to break the habit!
bengalspice bengalspice 8 years
My alarm is set for 7:30 ... and I always snooze it 3 times until the 7:45 alarm ... because that is really when I get up. It takes me like 15 minutes to get myself together before I get up and become a whirlwind around my apt and out the door. It's like my game plan time between the snoozing and me actually getting up.
jesssa jesssa 8 years
i dont use an alarm clock. you do NOT want to be near me when i've had to wake up to an alarm clock... it isn't pleasant.
emalove emalove 8 years
Honestly, I'm one of those weird people who just get up when their alarm goes off the first time...I've never ever used the snooze button!
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
at least twice - the first one is to wake me up out of my deep sleep, the second is roll around in the bed and wish I didn't have to get up
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
I got a sunrise alarm clock about a month ago. I love it; it now feels perfectly natural to wake up during the pre-dawn hours. And I feel rested when I wake up because the clock doesn't jerk me out of deep sleep. With my old alarm clock, I always felt like I was being jolted awake & I always hit the snooze button at least twice, even though it went off at the same time every day. I'm not even sure my new alarm clock has a snooze button.
Feesje Feesje 8 years
Beram1220, I do exactly the same! Also, I hate it when my alarms sets off in the middle of a dream. I push the snooze-button and tell myself to "finish the dream" in the next 5 minutes. Although most of the time I'v already forgotten what the dream was about by the time I want to finish it...
appreciated appreciated 8 years
My alarm is across my room yet I hit snooze at least once, if not 3 times a day. I find it feels like i got more sleep when i can wake up and go back to sleep for another 10minutes then do it again. I dunno why but it feels better.
sandy82 sandy82 8 years
I hit the snooze button in my sleep! It's so bad. I set the alarm for 10-15 min earlier than I have to wake up.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
At least three time, but now I know I'm wasting my time. Ha. Thanks Fit.
honeycreepshow honeycreepshow 8 years
I don't snooze because I find I always end up oversleeping if I do. Like, I'll hit the snooze button, but the next time the alarm goes off I'll sleep through it! Hahah
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 8 years
i heart: we must have read the same article. I do the same thing (tripping over my shoes along the way)
moonischasingme1 moonischasingme1 8 years
I have never used the snooze button in my 24 years of life. It just seems so torture-like.
danni2009 danni2009 8 years
I snooze for at least an hour usually. I'm terrible at getting out of bed.
almostloli almostloli 8 years
i once kept pressing that button 10 times haha and every snooze goes for 5 minutes
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I never hit the snooze button. Since I am in a college dorm and have a roommate, I feel bad letting my alarm go off more than once. Of course, she doesn't feel the same, and lets her alarm go off 5 or 6 times each morning. It's kind of annoying. Lol.
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I always set the alarm a little earily so I an take my time getting up. I don't really need the snooze, but I use it just in case.
La-Tua-Cantante La-Tua-Cantante 8 years
*sorry for the double post! don't know what's up with it today...
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