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Healthy Eating Tips
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Holiday Fit Tip: Focus on Maintenance

If you are working on a long term weight loss goal, the holiday season can pose quite a challenge. Plentiful and ubiquitous sweets coupled with lack of time to workout can really put a wrench in your game plan. If during December you are not losing pounds in your normal fashion, focus on maintaining your weight instead. Which, in the season of sugarplums is a feat unto itself.

By focusing on maintaining your weight, you can stop beating yourself up for a stagnant scale and see the steady scale as a feat of accomplishment. To maintain your weight is not to lose sight of your goals, but to give you a little mental space so you can enjoy a bite of the gingerbread houses your coworkers made. The trick to maintaining is to take just a bite!

Come January, we can and will all return to our scheduled programs with our regular gusto!


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