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Holy Guacamole: Tips For Eating Mexican

Mexican food is not only one of my favorites, but my kids love it as well — a working mother's dream come true. While beans, a staple of the Mexican diet, are super healthy a super burrito is not. Here are my tips on how to eat healthy and low cal when eating foods from south of the Rio Grande.

  • Avoid refried beans: That creaminess comes at a caloric price. Choose black beans or whole pinto beans instead.
  • Go grilled: Choose lean meats like pollo asado (grilled chicken) or grilled fish. The sauces in Mexican food can add unwanted calories and fats.
  • Salsa not sour cream: Salsa is fat free and flavorful making it tasty a substitution for saturated fat and calorie laden sour cream or crema.
  • Set a chip limit: As much as I love corn chips, they are fried in oil and loaded with calories. Grab a handful and limit yourself to that handful. You can always request no chips with your order too.

To see if you should order corn or flour tortillas, just


  • Get corny: Corn tortillas are smaller than flour tortillas, which will help keep your portions smaller. Corn tortillas generally have more fiber and are closer to a whole grain product than tortillas made from white flour.
  • Ditch the tostada: Order your taco salad without the fried tortilla. Those "edible" bowls are chock full of fat and empty calories.
  • Choose avocado: Some restaurants add ingredients like mayo to their guacamole. If you suspect this is the case, order whole avocado on your burrito. Ditch the cheese on your next burrito and just go avo instead since it has fiber and heart healthy monounsaturated fat.

Your best low cal option is a chicken fajita meal with extra veggies or grilled chicken tacos with black beans. Just remember that drinking alcohol can lower your willpower and make those tempting chips that much easier to eat, so reconsider ordering that margarita or Corona.

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