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It is good to assess your fitness level from time to time. It helps you stay well rounded in your workout life. Plus, if you test yourself every couple of months you will see how much you have improved. Or if the results are not to your liking, the fitness assessment might just motivate you. Here is a way to test your cardiovascular endurance that I found at Top End Sports. It is simple and fun to do.

Here's how it works:

Step Test
Assesses: Cardiovascular Endurance
Equipment: 12 inch step, stop watch, heart rate monitor (if you have one)

Step Test

  1. Find a bench or step that is as close to 12 inches high as you can find.

  2. Step onto bench with right foot and then the left foot. Step down with right foot and then the left foot.
  3. Repeat starting with the left foot this time.
  4. Keep a steady rhythm for three minutes.
  5. Measure your heart rate for the next minute, by either taking your pulse for 60 seconds. Or if you have a heart rate monitor, note your heart rate after three minutes of stepping and your heart rate after one minute of standing, and average those two figures together.

To see what your numbers mean

Age 18-25 26-35 36-45 46-55
Excellent below 85 below 88 below 90 below 94
Good 85-98 88-99 90-102 94-104
Above Average 99-108 100-111 102-110 104-115
Average 109-117 112-119 111-118 116-120
Below Average 118-126 120-126 119-128 121-129
Poor 127-138 127-138 129-140 130-135

So, how did you do?


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