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Lack of sleep can cause so many problems from puffy eyes, to headaches, from heart disease, to weight gain, not to mention plain old crankiness. Sometimes you can't help it if your cat was attacking your feet all night, but Prevention has come up with some home remedies for some common sleep issues. Here are its tips.

  • Revive tired, puffy eyes: Even if you were up all night no one will know. Since black tea contains tannins — astringents that help tighten undereye puffiness — Prevention recommends: "activate the tannins in a tea bag by dipping in a cup of hot water for several minutes. Cool in the fridge, then apply the damp bag as a compress to the closed eye for 10 minutes."
  • Stop snoring: All you back sleepers who snore, "put a tennis ball in a shirt pocket cut from an old t-shirt and sew it to the midback of your tight pajama top. The discomfort forces you to roll over and sleep on your side — without waking you up." Sounds medieval but it works.
  • Conquer insomnia: "Before bedtime, eat a handful of cherries, which scientists discovered are jam-packed with melatonin, the same hormone created by your body to regulate sleep patterns." To add to the tranquility, "steep yourself in a hot bath to relax your muscles and your mind." Then when you slide into bed, "rest your head on a lavender-filled pillow — the fragrance induces sleepiness."


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