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Hood to Coast Movie Is a Motivating Movie For Runners

Inspirational Movie Alert: Hood to Coast

hood to coast movieInspiration comes in all forms, and sometimes sitting in the dark watching a movie can be just the dose of motivation you need. Especially if you're watching a movie about a 24-hour running relay race that covers 197 miles starting at 6,000 feet on top of Mt. Hood and ending at the Oregon coast. The new movie Hood to Coast follows only four teams out of the 1,000 12-member teams participating in the event; it's as inspirational as it is entertaining.

The four teams involved in the film are radically different in age and running experience, but their motivation to run the world's largest relay race really sets them apart. There are old runners competing to have fun and prove their aging mettle, young non-runners looking for a life-changing challenge, a heart attack survivor, and a family using the race as a running memorial for a member that recently passed away. Just like a great issue of Runner's World this movie will make you laugh and cry. But mostly it will make you want to lace up your sneaks and get to training, if not for the Hood to Coast race, then something more local.

The documentary premieres on Jan. 11 in theaters across the country. You can purchase tickets and find locations here (there are six theater playing the flick in the Bay Area). Get an edge on the competition and run to the theater.

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