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Hookahs vs. Cigarettes

A new coffee shop opened up near where I live, and they serve more than lattes and peppermint tea. When you walk by, you can see tables outside with people puffing on hookahs. This whole hookah bar/parlor scene has found its way into American culture, and its popularity raises an important question. Is it safe?

When you smoke from a hookah, you inhale flavored tobacco from a hose that is attached to an ornate pipe, which is usually made out of glass or clay. There's water in the bottom, which filters the smoke leading people to believe hookahs are safer than smoking cigarettes, but they're terribly mistaken.

The problem is that hookah users tend to inhale far more smoke than cigarette smokers. More smoke means higher levels of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other nasty chemicals. In a study published by the World Health Organization, they found that an average cigarette smoker took 8 to 12 puffs, and inhaled 0.5 to 0.6 liters of smoke over five to seven minutes. A hookah smoker may take anywhere from 20 to 200 puffs in one night, and each puff equals about one liter of smoke each. That means one hookah smoking session could equate to smoking 40 to 400 cigarettes. Yikes!

Here's the deal. Smoking flavored tobacco from a hookah is not any healthier than smoking regular cigarettes, and could actually be worse since you're inhaling more smoke, nicotine, and other chemicals. So don't get hooked on the hookah scene.


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samba99 samba99 5 years
its annoying how people are saying this is gross and its worse then cigarettes. think about it people and actually THINK. cigarettes are dried up tobacco leaves mixed with 100s of different poisons warped in paper and and then actually burnt! the tobacco BURNS and you then inhale the smoke through a filter that isn't doing much. Shisha on the other had has nowhere the same amount of tar or nicotine in a 100g tub compared to 1 cigarette... and a 100g tub will take you a while to smoke. also shisha tobbaco is not BURNT...its baked. its filtered through water and you can make mods to your shisha so its filtered even more! u arent inhaling paper and 100s of chemicals but natural tobacco dipped in fruit molasses (kinda like a natural honey). if you dont like smoke of any kind no problems but when people are comparing shisha to cigarettes and say how bad shisha is you are wrong! its sooo much better for you (when compared)... shisha is a social thing not only does it take 15min to set-up but you smoke with friends and its not a nicotine addiction you are getting is a social addiction! and 1 cigarette take 7min to finish shisha session takes 30min. of course your going to be having more puffs! wanna be healthy then dont smoke at all...stupid article.
JenniferVL JenniferVL 6 years
I think what people like the most about it is that it smells way better than cigarettes. People are more concerned about the smell of cigarettes than the actual health factor. No one wants to go to a bar or restaurant and leave smelling like a box of Newports. Hookah isn't any healthier but it does smell nicer. That is probably why it is allowed in restaurants and cafes now.
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