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Horse Pose, Horse Stance, and Other Exercises in Honor of the Kentucky Derby

In Honor of the Kentucky Derby, 4 Exercises That Celebrate the Horse

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend, which means lots of Southern-style celebrations surrounding a horse race that'll be over before you can blink. But donning a wide-brimmed, fully decked out hat and imbibing mint juleps isn't the only way to pay homage to the all-American event.  Why not celebrate the Kentucky Derby with a few equine exercises too? Here are four exercises that are inspired by the horse!

  • Horse stance: This basic martial arts pose is called the horse stance because it mimics the position you get into when you ride a horse. Holding the wide stance while bending your knees works your quads, so it's the perfect simple exercise to strengthen your legs (try this slight variation if you want to incorporate it into a yoga sequence).
  • Horse-riding pose: Also called a high lunge or equestrian, this straightforward yoga pose is perfect for the beginner. The pose stretches your legs and arms as you move into a lunge and hold, which makes it a great hip-opening and leg-strengthening exercise.
  • Horse pose: For a more challenging yoga pose, try horse pose, also called Vatayanasana. This intermediate-to-advanced yoga pose involves moving from standing and other positions with one leg in lotus, so it helps open your hips and strengthen your legs.
  • Horse biting tail: This kneeling twist exercise works your abs and torso. Begin on all fours and twist from one side to the other, like you're going after your own tail.


Source: Flickr User si_si_ay

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