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Tofu Pups: A Healthier Hot Dog

As a kid, hot dogs are a staple up there with mac and cheese and pizza. We learned to love them, but now we know they're really not that good for us. Many contain saturated fat and those dreadful nitrites, which are found to be carcinogenic.

If you or your kids can't bear to give up hot dogs, then check out a healthier alternative called Tofu Pups. Want to see what they look like and how they compare to regular hot dogs? Then

Serving Size 1 link 1 link 1 link
Calories 60 150 140
Total Fat 2.5g 14g 13g
Saturated Fat .5g 6g 6g
Cholesterol 0mg 30mg 30mg
Sodium 300mg 370mg 460mg
Carbs 2g 1g 1g
Fiber 1g 0g 0g
Sugar 0g 0g 1g
Protein 8g 6g 5g
Iron 6% 4% 2%

These pups have that smoky smell and flavor you love about hot dogs, but they definitely have a different consistency. Since these are made with extra firm tofu, they're kind of springy like hot dogs, but they're not juicy and they don't have that thin skin that hot dogs have. Since they taste pretty similar, I think they're definitely worth trying, especially since they're much healthier as compared to beef franks. I knew they'd have less cholesterol and saturated fat, but I had no idea that a hot dog made from tofu would have more protein. Now I love these even more.

Fit's Tips: I would not try grilling these pups because they'll just stick to your grill. Boil them in some water or microwave them for best results.


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