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Don't Medicate Yourself With Kitchen Spoons

I have traumatic fond memories of my mom running after me with a spoonful of grape Dimetapp. It looks like I was right to fear the spoon, because it's not an accurate way to measure medication. When prescribed to take two tablespoons, the average household spoon you use for soup may not be an exact tablespoon. It may be more or less, which means you could be under- or over-medicating yourself. One teaspoon equals five milliliters, and if you take too little, your body won't be reaping the benefits of the medicine. If you take too much, the side effects associated with the medicine can be more severe.

The solution? Use the little measuring cup or dosage spoon that came with the medicine, or pick one up at your pharmacy. Measure liquids at eye level, and note whether the prescription calls for teaspoons or tablespoons. It's a simple way to ensure you're taking the correct amount of medicine.

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