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Road Trippin' Blues: Car Sickness

If your July entails squeezing in one last road trip, you might want to read up on motion sickness. It is actually quite common; about one third of the population experiences symptoms in relatively mild circumstances, like being on a boat in calm water. In fact, the word nausea means seasick in Greek. Motion sickness is basically a disagreement between your eyes and your inner ear. The inner ear recognizes motion, but the eyes don't, or vice versa, jumbling the brain, and nausea ensues. It is no fun for any passenger to endure.

For some tips for fending off car sickness,


  • Don't look down: Keeping your focus on the horizon can definitely help keep your eyes and your inner ear in agreement. If you happen to be traveling with little ones, play the "I spy" game to keep them looking up. Watching DVDs will increase the confusion between senses, so don't pull out movies to entertain them. Try a book on tape instead.
  • Breathe some fresh air: Roll down the windows if it is not too hot. The fresh air can be soothing. Heat makes the symptoms worse, so do run the AC if you can.
  • Food and hunger: When road tripping you should avoid spicy and greasy foods. However, hunger can make the symptoms of nausea worse. Keep a mild snack like crackers around to keep the unsettled stomach at bay. Clear sodas and sparkling water can help too.
  • Drive: Take over the wheel if you are prone to motion sickness. When you drive all your senses work together, avoiding the disconnect between your eyes and ears.
  • Ginger: Eating ginger has been shown to reduce symptoms of motion sickness. Take it in capsule form or sip some ginger ale.
  • Get out of the car: Walking on terra firma will certainly quiet the symptoms. Take stops as frequently as you can.
  • Medicine: You can try an over-the-counter medication, like Dramamine, or an alternative medicine treatment like the PSI Band that works the antinausea pressure point.

If you are prone to car sickness, please share how you prevent it in the comment section below. Happy travels!

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