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How to Avoid Mosquitoes

Elude Mosquitoes With These Tricks

The living might be easy in Summertime, but at twilight mosquitoes seem to rule the show. These pesky bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we, and other animals, exhale. You can't stop breathing when out and about at sunset — the time when mosquitoes seem to be most active — but you can try these evasive maneuvers to limit the feast.

  • Cover up, but dress lightly: It is best to wear light colored clothes like khaki or white since mosquitoes are attracted to dark and bright colors. Cover up as much as you can with lightweight long sleeves and long pants to make it more difficult for the bothersome pests to bite you.
  • Sip water not beer: A recent French study found that mosquitoes preferred the taste of beer drinkers over folks sipping on water. Other forms of alcohol have yet to be studied, so drinking wine or spirits may also make you attractive to skeeters.
  • Skip the perfume: Mosquitoes also dine on flower nectar so you don't want to smell like a floral garden. Skip the perfume spritz before heading out in the evening. You might want to check your clothing detergent; it could be making your clothes smell like blossoms.
  • Exercise in the morning: Lactic acid, a byproduct of working out, attracts mosquitoes, as do perspiration and body heat. Work out earlier in the day, preferably the morning, to avoid baking in the heat and to decrease the bugs ability to find you in a crowd.
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