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How to Avoid Weekend Overeating

6 Ways to Prevent Overeating This Weekend

Do you ever feel like you gained five pounds by the time Sunday night rolls around? After a tough workweek of deadlines and long hours, the weekend can often lead to major indulging. Splurging a little is great for relieving stress, but too much can lead to weight gain. Here are some ways to avoid overdoing it on the weekend.

  • Designate one time to splurge: Between brunch, your friend's BBQ, and meals out, it's easy to consume a weekend of calories in just one day. Of course, you deserve to splurge a little — just don't overdo it. Choose one time during your days off to indulge, and then stay on the healthy train the rest of the weekend.
  • Don't bake or cook alone: With a more flexible schedule, you have time to whip up a five-course meal or bake your grandma's famous oatmeal cookies. By all means, get creative in the kitchen, just make sure you have an audience ready to enjoy in the bounty so you don't end up devouring half a dozen cookies all at once.
  • Keep healthy snacks on you: Whether you're out shopping with friends, headed to the beach, or catching a movie, bring along your own snacks to avoid grabbing high-calorie foods at the food court or concession stand.
  • Skip the lazy Sunday afternoons: While sitting around the house, bored and flipping through channels, you're bound to get the itch for some munchies. Avoid the temptation by getting out and doing something active to keep you busy, suppress your appetite, and prevent mindless snacking. Better yet, if you plan one of these long workouts you'll be too busy burning major calories to overeat.
  • Share or pack it up: Entrées tend to be enormous, which means you could end up being served half a day's calories on one plate. Make a deal with your dining partner to split a meal, or before taking your first bite, pack half up to save for tomorrow.
  • Follow the one drink a day rule: While cocktails aren't exactly eaten, they do pack on the calories, especially if you're out with your best girlfriend who orders another round of cosmos before you've finished your first one. Follow the one drink a day rule, enjoy it slowly, and opt for seltzer, water, or tea afterward.
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