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Your Tips on Breaking Through the Wall

We've all been there. You're working out, running, biking, swimming, or whatever, and you hit a mental wall. All you can think about is wanting to stop and go home. This is a really common problem among regular exercisers, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Here are some tips from fellow FitSugar readers.

  • "Yeah, if I hit a wall it kind of depends on what that barrier is. If I'm just feeling 'ugh,' I give myself 10 minutes more to see if I start to feel better. If I'm feeling bad, I'll cut back on my intensity for a bit; walk instead of run, go into Child's Pose, etc. If I'm feeling downright terrible, I call it quits for the day. I've only really needed to do that once, but it turned out I had the beginnings of a stomach bug. Best to listen to your body, and be kind to yourself." — benheld
  • "It's all about variety. Keep your body guessing and your mind active. Constantly switch up your workout so it doesn't get stale and you don't hit walls. Also, sometimes a great song can get you through anything!" — michlny
  • Mila_83 says, "I try something new. If I usually run or take spinning classes, I go to the pool or take a fun urban rebounding class. Last time I tried rock climbing instead of usual 7-mile run."
  • "If I feel like stopping I just think about how great I'll feel if I keep going and how bad I would feel if I gave up." — genipher85

For more great tips keep reading.

  • "To me, hitting 'the wall' is the feeling I get every once and a while when a workout feels much harder than it should, or when I'm nearing the end of a long run. When I'm running, I pick a point in the distance (the next stoplight, a house, etc.) and tell myself that I can quit running once I get to that point, then I just keep pushing it back. On a cardio machine, I switch to a new song on my iPod and tell myself that I just have to make it until the end of that song. Another trick is to listen to a song on my iPod (rap songs work well — the more complicate the lyrics, the better), and I focus on reciting the lyrics in my head. The idea is to concentrate 100 percent on the song so that it takes my mind off the fatigue I'm feeling." — chloe bella
  • "I have an arsenal of funny, interesting, dirty, academic, etc. mind games that I run through to keep my mind on something other than the fact that I'm fed up and want to go home (e.g. imagine what underpants every person you run past is wearing; make a list of 10 varieties of pancakes, dream list of all the running routes worldwide I'd love to try, why I'd like to try them; imagine all the unmentionable things I want to do with the hot maintenance guy haha)." — ticamorena
  • "When I hit a wall (physical or mental) during cardio, I just scale back the intensity for a couple of minutes and then I usually find I can push on." — insanitypepper

If you have any other tricks for breaking through the fitness wall, share them below.

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