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If you've taken my Chipotle burrito quiz, you know that these simple Mexican wraps can contain some very serious calories.

It's easier to eat smart when making burritos at home, but what about when eating out? By making a few smart choices at the burrito counter, you can make your meal lower in calories and fat and better for you overall. Here's how.

  • You probably know that regular black beans, with 227 calories and one gram of fat per cup, are a better choice than refried beans, which can contain up to 16 grams of fat and more than 300 calories. But you may not know that one cup of black beans also offers 60 percent of your daily fiber, plus high amounts of protein and folate.

Get more surprising tips.

  • Skip the rice. I've taken to asking for my burritos sin rice, since taquerias often pile on as much as half a cup, if not more. Cutting it out saves around 120 calories and lets you fill up on beans and veggies.
  • Swap guac for sour cream. If you're craving something creamy, skip the sour cream and go with guacamole instead. It contains just 43 calories and less than one gram of saturated fat per ounce, while the same amount of sour cream has three grams of saturated fat.
  • Go veggie. Many burrito joints offer grilled vegetables in place of chicken or beef, and you'd be surprised at how tasty this filling is. Plus, stuffing your tortilla with veggies is a great way to make sure you're getting your five a day.

What are your tips for healthier Mexican meals on the go?

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