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How to Burn 500 Calories on the Treadmill

You'll Feel Pretty Accomplished After Finishing This 60-Minute Treadmill Workout

Weight loss on the mind? Kick it up a notch with this hour-long treadmill interval workout that will burn around 500 calories in one session. Complete it five times in a week and you'll be well on your way to burning or cutting out an extra 3,500 calories — the magic number to lose one pound in a week.

Be sure to warm up for at least five minutes before getting started. If you find that this workout is too easy or too hard, just adjust the speed to fit your level.

Congratulations — you just burned 511 calories! Don't forget to cool down and stretch afterward. Get a photo-free printable version of this workout to take to the gym.


*Calories burned calculations are based on a 130-pound woman.

**RPE = rate of perceived exertion

Bridgitt14936523 Bridgitt14936523 3 years

HIIT on anything or intervals will burn that

Bridgitt14936523 Bridgitt14936523 3 years

Looks great, if I don't make the 500 mark, maybe try jumping rope or rowing for 10 minutes after.

gymrat87 gymrat87 3 years
This looks like a great workout. Can't wait to try it!
Susi-May Susi-May 4 years
Mondoma, Check out this elliptical workout:
Mondoma Mondoma 4 years
I have 2 herniated discs and would like to do HIIT on the elliptical instead.
sassysparky sassysparky 4 years
This workout is ridiculous, and suggesting that someone do it five times a week is insane. I'm a runner who logs >20 miles a week and does half marathons routinely, and I would not do this work out more than once a week. Interval training is GREAT for weight loss, but it works your heart as much as any other muscle. One should not do HIIT workouts more than once a week. Furthermore, this would be about what, a 4-5 mile run? If someone hadn't been running regularly and jumped into doing all of this speedwork, they could get something like shin splints, runner's knee, or worse.
noeXcusefitness noeXcusefitness 5 years
Interval training is the king of exercises for burning fat. If you are a bit shorter on time check this article out for a program that can be completed in 20-30 minutes and will continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after you have finished, even when you are sleeping
cmhads cmhads 5 years
I love this workout and I'll often switch the 6 to 6.5 then 7 to 7.5 for different intervals but this keeps me entertained on the treadmill. I prefer outdoor workouts but this is perfect for winter! Thanks fitsugar!
flikmaster flikmaster 5 years
I plan on trying this tomorrow, but will probably have to modify the speed. I have a hard time running as slow as 5 and 6 mph.
lorahora lorahora 5 years
8mph isn't so impossible, it's only for 60 seconds. If you put your mind past the difficulty, you will be able to do it. And if you feel like it is much too fast, then scale everything back. The reason you burn more calories is due to the intervals. Letting your body have an active recovery for 3 min after sprinting for 1 and then repeating causes it to work harder. I'm using it to help train for a 10k. I actually did the intervals up to 52:00 today and then had a 5 min cooldown after. I burned 671 calories. I weigh 155.
Asche Asche 5 years
8 mph?! That's 12 km/h, which is insanely fast for most people!
msdrafter84 msdrafter84 5 years
Treadmill readout indicates that at a 2 incline for 60 minutes burns about 800 calories. That is what I usually do. Pretty boring, so I am going to try this interval workout, but varying this version by integrating incline and dampening the high mph at certain segments.
treebie treebie 5 years
this is ridiculous...about 2% can run that fast for that long. find a reasonable workout and post it.
cheyn1 cheyn1 6 years
This looks amazing. 500 calories or not it looks like it would keep me entertained.
biancalynnaire biancalynnaire 6 years
I tried this out about an hour ago and loved it, I do interval workouts quite often but this one is great. Definitely made the treadmill a lot less boring, I even tacked on an extra 20 minutes to the 4.0 mph warm down.
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