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Burn Over 150 Extra Calories on Your Next Outdoor Run

Goodbye stuffy gym, and hello crisp Fall air and open roads. If Autumn inspires you to bring your runs outdoors, here are three ways to burn more calories.

  1. Hill repeats: Seek out a pretty decent hill in your neighborhood and focus on running up the hill and back down for the entire run. It's much easier to do hill repeats outside than on a treadmill because you have an actual visual goal (the top of the hill) to inspire you. You'll burn 376 calories on a 30-minute run (at a 10-minute per mile pace) with hill repeats compared to 270 with no hills — that's 106 extra calories.
  2. Sprint to that mailbox: Picking up the pace and doing speed intervals is one way to target belly fat, but it'll also burn more calories. As stated above, running consistently at a 10-minute per mile pace for 30 minutes burns 270 calories. If you throw one-minute sprints in there every two minutes (at a 7.5 minute per mile pace), you'll burn 302 calories — 32 extra. Use natural landmarks such as mailboxes, the end of the block, hills, or street lamps to sprint to for motivation.
  3. Search out natural obstacles: Since you don't have the luxury of a moving belt propelling your body with each step, you're already burning more calories running outside than on a treadmill. But you can make it more challenging by taxing your muscles differently (which translates to more calories burned) by mixing up your steps. Do this by running on softer surfaces like sand or dirt, or by running on trails so you can jump over rocks and fallen limbs, or, if you're in your neighborhood, leap over cracks in the sidewalk, over bushes, and up and down curbs. Aside from burning more calories and toning your muscles differently, you'll also kick boredom to the curb.
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