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How to Calculate Women's Maximum Heart Rate

New Way to Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate

If you've always had a tough time hitting your maximum heart rate, it could be because you're using an outdated formula, or one that's geared toward the fellas: 220 - your age.

Researchers at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago created a new formula that more accurately determines a woman's maximum heart rate. Try the formula below to calculate your maximum heart rate, and you'll likely end up with a much more reasonable number.

206 - (88% of your age) = Maximum Heart Rate

If you don't have the time to trouble with the formula, we've also created a chart below to help you find out your maximum heart rate. Use this number as a gauge to see how hard you should push yourself when working out. Not sure how to check your heart rate? If you don't use a heart rate monitor, place your first two fingers on your neck or the inside of your wrist to find your pulse. Count the number of beats in 10 seconds and multiply that number by six.

Age Maximum Heart Rate
(beats per minute)
18 190.2
19 189.3
20 188.4
21 187.5
22 186.6
23 185.8
24 184.9
25 184

Don't see your age? Keep reading to find out your maximum heart rate if you're older than 25.

Age Maximum Heart Rate
26 183.1
27 182.2
28 181.4
29 180.5
30 179.6
31 178.7
32 177.8
33 177
34 176.1
35 175.2
36 174.3
37 173.4
38 172.6
39 171.7
40 170.8

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Join The Conversation
Eselpee Eselpee 4 years
Luckily I can at least do the math since I am >40 (hexigenarian, actually)
yogarunlive yogarunlive 5 years
Mine is supposed to be 189.3, and I can't say I've ever exceeded this.
schmevelyn schmevelyn 5 years
And apparently, if you are over 40, you don't work out at all.
TheLittleMonster TheLittleMonster 5 years
I'm also not sure about this new method. I've reached 184.9 before..
punkinqueen punkinqueen 5 years
Agreed, at 30 mine tops out around 195 and this says 179.
margauxeva margauxeva 5 years
To be honest, I have to disagree with the new method, and cannot comment as to the accuracy of the old one. According to this new method, my max heart rate is only 190. Yet, my heart rate has been well over that (max of around 200) on more than one occasion.
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