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How to Commit to Exercising at Home

Focus! How to Avoid Distractions During Home Workouts

Sweating it out at home has its perks: no annoying people to deal with, no strange germs, no gym fees, and no wasted time spent commuting. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can get in the way of a home workout, cutting your exercise time short or leading to no workout at all.

  • The kitchen calls to you: Who wouldn't rather be munching on a yummy snack instead of doing push-ups? To avoid giving in to your desire to nosh, work out as far away from the kitchen as possible. If you can't see or smell the home-baked cookies on the counter, you'll be less tempted to head to the kitchen to eat one. Also be sure to eat a protein-packed snack at least an hour before you're planning on exercising to avoid hunger pangs.
  • I'll just check my email real quick: You call it checking your email, but deep down, you know it's procrastination. Anything you do that involves a plugged-in device and takes "just five minutes" usually sucks you in and turns into 20 minutes or more, so by the time you're finished, you've lost your motivation to sweat. Make a "no technology" rule and swear off all devices including phones, computers, and TV, unless you're using them to help you burn calories.
  • Ugh, the dishes: It seems like there are always household chores to do, whether it's laundry, unloading the dishwasher, or cleaning the bathroom. The best way to deal with these is to choose an exact time to exercise — instead of vaguely saying sometime this afternoon — and stick with it. Put it on your calendar like you would a doctor's appointment so even if the garbage needs to be taken out, it'll have to wait.
  • Where'd I put my dumbbells?: If you can't find the gear you need to exercise, then it's pretty hard to work out. Designate one spot in your home for exercise (and nothing else), and keep all your fitness stuff in a crate nearby. Make it as easy to access as possible to cut down on wasted time getting it out or setting it up.
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