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How to Control Cravings and Indulgences From Gunnar Peterson

Get a Grip on Indulgences With Trainer Gunnar Peterson's Tips

Indulgences can get the best of us at any turn. Whether it's a co-worker's plate of cookies or a strong desire to skip a workout in favor of happy hour, it can be hard to stick with a routine when you notice temptations left and right. We recently spoke with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, the man behind some of the curviest bodies in Hollywood, who offered these tips on how to get a grip when we're craving unhealthy food or have skipped a workout.

Have a healthy outlook: Most people have an indulgence or two that leaves them weak in the knees (even Gunnar's got one: "Peanut butter is death for me. I would shank my grandmother in the neck for a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup," he jokes). Instead of banning your favorite junk food from your diet completely, make healthy choices most of the time, but allow yourself some leeway in all aspects of your healthy lifestyle. "Just try and make the right choices most of the time," Gunnar says. "If you make them all the time then you're just flat out boring and then you become a weird fitness zealot, and at the end of the day nobody wants to be around you."

Get out of the kitchen: If the kitchen table is your go-to spot for paying bills or finishing up work in the evening, you may find that just being around all that food can lead to mindless snacking. As Gunnar jokes, "If all bachelor parties were held in movie theaters there would be a lot less bad stuff that happens at bachelor parties." Take temptation out of the equation by getting out of the kitchen after you're done eating for the night.

Read on for more of Gunnar's healthy living tips.

Move on: Sometimes, daily obligations trump our best intentions, or we just can't seem to get out of bed to make a workout. Don't be so rigid that you can't skip a workout without stressing about it. "If you miss it you miss it. Just get back on your horse and go the next day. You're storing body fat when you're stressing," Gunnar warns. "You're better off to just go the next day and make good choices for food on the day you missed."

Create a life balance: Gunnar's got a formula that works for his celeb clients: eat the right foods before and after your workout (he recommends Gatorade G Series Fit pre- and post-workout snacks), "train with intensity," and make sure you get enough sleep. And after all that? Relax with your favorite indulgence. "On Saturday [you can] have your wine," Gunnar says.

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