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How to Cut Calories From a Burger

Slash Calories From Your Burger, Eating Out and at Home

There are tons of healthy burger recipes out there, but you can even take them a step further. Think about what parts of your order you can't live without and cut the calories in other areas. By getting the healthier option in a few components of a classic burger, you can easily slash 200 calories off the plate — it's the equivalent of doing a 200 calorie-burn workout without leaving your couch!

Veggie burger

Cheese: Cheddar is one of the most common cheeses used on burgers, but it averages about 105 calories per slice. And if you like a richer cheese like gruyère, expect even more. If you can live with just a hamburger, you're already cutting over 100 calories alone with the absence of cheese. If you can't live without it, go for a lighter option, like low-fat mozzarella or goat cheese. These cheeses contain fewer calories as well as less fat and sodium.

Meat: Traditional beef patties alone can contain 380 calories and are loaded with saturated fat. If you like beef and want to stick with it, go for a leaner version and slash 100 calories right there. Other patty options include turkey burgers that contain less than half of the calories in a beef patty, along with a lower fat percentage. Buffalo and chicken burgers are other great meat options as well as garden, black bean, and portobello mushroom.


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Bun: Buns are another category that hit the 110-calorie mark, but calories aren't everything. If you're going to make a burger why not pack nutrients into the bun? A whole wheat bun has the same amount of calories as a traditional bun but with twice the protein and four times the fiber. If a whole wheat bun is not an option, get it protein style, wrapped in lettuce. Burgers also make an excellent salad topper. Just grill it as you normally would, slice it up, and toss it on some leaves with some mustard and vinegar.

Condiments: Mayonnaise, your best friend or worst enemy; this condiment packs almost 100 calories into a single serving with 10 grams of fat, 75 milligrams of sodium, and not a whole lot else. Lighter versions can contain half this amount as well as asking for a light application from your server can. If you order your condiments on the side, you can control how much is actually added before you indulge. Ketchup isn't too high on calories but it does rack up the sodium (167 milligrams), so beware of water retention if you like to load this condiment up. Mustard may be your best bet on this condiment list. This sauce is low all across the board and has enough flavor to stand on its own.

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