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How to Deal With the Buffet at a Wedding Reception

It is June and wedding season in is in full bloom. Weddings are fun-filled events, but beware of the buffet. It is all too easy to pile the calories onto one little plate. Here are a few suggestions on how to survive with the buffet table.

  • Survey the Table: Don't start at the beginning of the table and take one of everything the buffet has to offer. Give the table a once over and pick out the healthiest options. Put those options on your plate.
  • Easy on the Drinks: Alcoholic drinks are surprisingly high in calories. Plus they diminish your willpower, making it harder for you to make wise decisions.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: By all means toast with a glass of bubbly, but stick to water for the rest of the evening. It is refreshing, zero calories, and might just make you feel more full.
  • Walk the Line Once: Don't go back for seconds. Just don't. You want to save room for cake, right?
  • Avoid Hors d'oeuvre: Starters tend to be high in calories. It seems like food eaten off a napkin doesn't really count; but it does. Go for the crudités – feel no need to limit your consumption of these raw veggies. For dipping sauce, on the other hand, keep a light tough.
  • Stop When You're Full: Sometimes we all need to be reminded for the obvious. When you are full, stop eating. That is the best way to not over indulge. Just think how light you will feel on the dance floor.

How do you deal with the buffet table at any event? Share your advice in the comments section below.

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