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How to Deal With Bunions

Women's Health 101: How to Handle Bunions

Bunions are no joke, and if you've dealt with this painful problem, then you'll absolutely agree. A bunion is a deformity of the joint at the base of the big toe; the big toe ends up pointing inward, while the joint itself juts out. While bunions can make it difficult to wear certain shoe styles, the real pain comes from walking or exercise. Our feet need this joint to function at their potential, but bunion surgery should be a last resort. If you've dealt with this painful problem, then keep reading for helpful tips to take immediately.

  • Sleep with a splint: Rocking a splint every day sounds like a pain, but wearing one at night will help hold your toe in proper alignment and reduce discomfort.
  • Choose the right shoes: Unfortunately, for ladies with bunion issues, stylish shoes are out of the question. Be sure to choose shoes with proper arch support and room for the toes to breathe. And you may think that all running shoes were created similarly in this department, but it's not the case. Be sure to do your research before investing in a new pair of sneakers! New Balance is one brand that designs shoes with ample cushioning to help those with bunion woes.
  • Strengthen the toes: Instead of just dealing with the symptoms of bunion problems, try taking matters in your own hands. While you certainly can't change the structure of your bones on your own, you can go for strengthening exercises that build up your toes. Try this grounding yoga sequence that really focuses on putting your best foot forward.
  • Take away the pain: For those times when you're in a lot of pain, soak feet in a warm bath, use an ice pad, or take ibuprofen for a little relief.

If you find that bunions still remain an issue, make sure to see a doctor to discuss your options.

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