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How to Deal With Distractions at the Gym

4 Annoying Gym Distractions and How to Deal

Even if you want to get in and out at the gym, there are many things that can distract you from a good workout. Here's how to deal with the biggest distractions so you can get in and out without wasting your time.

Feeling self-conscious: Whether your face turns bright red or you feel like you're sweating gallons, exercising doesn't exactly bring out our best-looking selves. And if you're new to the gym, you may feel like you should stick to what you know so you don't embarrass yourself.
How to deal: Arm yourself with knowledge about your gym's features so you feel confident while you work out. Knowing how to work the TRX straps or do a perfect dead lift in the weight room will only help you care less about what people might be thinking and more about your workout. Ask a trainer to demonstrate how to use machines and read our essential tips for the weight room. And if you're worried about how you look, remember that everyone is there to work out, not judge you.

Noisy neighbors: You're trying to focus on your mile split on the treadmill, but all you can hear is one end of a cell phone conversation or a gossip session in full bloom, and the guy in the corner won't stop grunting.
How to deal: Besides the normal ways to distract yourself with headphones and an engrossing TV show, devote your attention to your own workout instead. Make up your own mini triathlon workout or shake up your treadmill routine with a fun pyramid interval workout so you won't be bored enough to be distracted by your neighbors.


Keep reading for two more distractions.

Feeling hungry or tired: The good news is that you dragged yourself to the gym, but the bad news is that as you hit the gym floor you realize you're zapped of energy and your stomach won't stop grumbling.
How to deal: Drink a little water to help with both your fatigue and famish. Not only does water help reenergize you, but many times dehydration can be confused with hunger. A small snack of simple carbs like raisins, a banana, or saltines will also help give you a boost of energy without causing havoc on your digestive system. And if you are feeling unable to continue your all-out workout, slow down or switch to a lighter-intensity workout for the day. It's important to listen to your body, so if you're just too fatigued, don't force an intense workout.

Waiting for a machine: Most people have their gym routines down before they set foot in the locker room, so finding out you have to wait for the one machine you were setting your hopes on can be a momentum killer.
How to deal: It may take a little convincing to shake up your routine, but your time is precious, so you don't want to waste it waiting for the elliptical. Try out a different cardio machine instead or, if you're worried you won't know what to do, check out the class schedule to see if there is one that incorporates your workout needs. If you find that your machine is never available when you get to the gym, try going at off-peak times like earlier in the morning or take a later lunch break and go in the afternoon.

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