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A Reader Needs Your Advice: Pain While Half-Marathon Training

OnSugar blogger Running Nina needs some advice. She's training for a half-marathon and is dealing with a knee injury. Can you help her get through it?

It is now less than a month to my first half-marathon. Despite not running for 2 weeks because of being sick I feel ready for it, well, almost. I still have a few more long runs to tackle first!

I ran an eight mile run yesterday and it went pretty well. I had to run on the treadmill because it was too hot outside, so I finished in 77:20. I'm sure it would have taken longer had I run outside. However, on race day I'll feel the energy of the other runners, and it should be around that time when I get to the eight mile mark. It is cooling off this week so hopefully I will be able to run outside on Friday for my nine miler. The only thing that will stop my nine miler is my knee. The last 1/2 mile of my run, it started to hurt. I finished my run and the pain stayed. I can walk, but going up/down stairs and fast walking hurts.


Any suggestions on what to do other than ice it and elevate it? It isn't swollen and doesn't hurt to the touch. Rather, I can feel the soreness/stiffness on the inside.

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