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Tis the season for seasonal allergies – ragweed, mold (from soggy leaves) and dust mites galore! When you suffer from itchy eyes and throat, sneezing, runny nose, or allergy induced-asthma, exercising your body is far from top on your list. Here are some tips to help allergy sufferers still get in a workout.

  • As beautiful as it is outside, you're better off exercising inside. When you huff and puff while doing cardio outside, you're only inhaling the allergens that are bothering you. Join a gym or use your home treadmill or elliptical to keep up with your cardio.
  • Take your allergy medicine as directed. Even if you're not having symptoms, when taken daily, many of those prescriptions help to prevent attacks if and when your body does come in contact with enemy allergens. Those meds can control your symptoms before they start.
  • Want to hear the other tips? Then

    • I got this great tip from my allergist: If you have asthma, and you use a rescue inhaler like Albuterol, take a puff or two before you do any cardio. It'll allow you to take deeper breaths, and may prevent an asthma attack.
    • If you are prone to asthma attacks, keep your inhaler close by while you workout, just in case you need it.
    • Try to breath through your nose while exercising, since the nose hairs act as a natural filter. Is your nose is stuffed, take a steamy shower before working out, or try using a neti pot to clear out any mucus.
    • If your symptoms are really bad, do some light exercise inside like a fitness DVD, yoga, weight lifting, or walking on a treadmill.


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