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How to Deal With a Treadmill Hog

Gym Dilemma: Dealing With a Treadmill Hog

I try to avoid going to the gym during peak hours because of the long waits and time restrictions on the cardio equipment, but some days I can only manage to hit the gym during prime time. While it's tough to adhere to the 30-minute gym-imposed time limit on the treadmill, if there's a long line of people waiting (and there usually is), I play by the rules. But, of course, there's one woman who does not get off the treadmill for at least an hour — more often 90 minutes — no matter how long the wait.

Until now I've ignored her, but recently, someone politely asked me to give up my treadmill after going over the 30-minute limit while treadmill hog was at least on minute 45. I bit my tongue, but I don't think I can hold in my anger much longer. I'm not the only one with serious feelings about treadmill hogs, but what's the best way to deal? I've come up with three suggestions and possible outcomes; to let me know which route you think I should pursue, read more.

Ignore her. While this approach has served me (and just about every other person in the gym) well for a few weeks, her hogging the machine is clearly starting to bother me. I'm rather non-confrontational, so I default to this approach, silently hoping and waiting that someone else will say something to her. Pro: I don't have to deal with it. Con: I have to stew in anger silently watching her marathon workouts three days a week.

Tell the staff. I feel a little passive-aggressive approaching the gym staff, but that's what they're there for, right? Pro: Again, I don't have to be the one to confront her. Con: She might know I reported her and get confrontational. Or, she might end up embarrassed that I've dragged someone else into the situation.

Just tell her nicely. I should simply say, "Hey, I'm sorry, but there's a huge waiting line and I've noticed you're over the time limit on this treadmill. Do you think you could wrap it up?" Pro: She probably won't say no to my polite, direct approach. Con: She still might say no, and then I'm back to square one.

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