The Perfect Yoga Sequence to Open Up Tight Hamstrings

Feb 26 2016 - 5:50pm

In order to do Rotated Triangle comfortably, flexible hips and hamstrings, as well as side-to-side mobility in your spine, are musts. This yoga sequence is designed to open those tight areas, which runners, cyclists, skiers, and desk-bound workers will appreciate. Twisting poses like this can also stimulate digestion (which helps keep you regular) and prevent a bloated belly. Once you practice this sequence, the next time you're asked to do this standing pose, you'll squeal in excitement, or maybe you just won't curse the teacher under your Darth Vader ujjayi breath [1]. Move through these nine poses on the right side, and then repeat on the left.

Standing Forward Bend Clasped Elbows

Intense Side Stretch

Open Triangle

Half Bound Triangle

Rotated Half Moon

Twisting Reverse Warrior

Reverse Warrior Prep

Rotated Warrior

Rotated Triangle

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