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How to Do a Single Leg Squat

Thigh Sculpt: Single-Leg Squats

Squats are effective, but they can get a little tedious. By lifting off of one leg, you can put more weight into each side to get a quicker burn. Try this single-leg version for that cute dent dancers obtain in the side of their seat, or bathing suit line. Even if you won't be on the beach anytime soon, you can still show off your hard work in Winter leggings.

Chair Squat

  • Begin with your feet on the ground, hip width apart.
  • Take a bend in your knees and rock your weight back so that it's supported in your heels.
  • Take your arms out front and bend from the elbows, drawing your hands up in fists.
  • Flatten your back and try to hold this posture for the whole exercise.

Learn how to do the move after the break!

Leg Lift
Leg lift

  • Lift one leg off of the ground and open it up toward the ceiling. You should feel a pinch in the side of your seat.
  • Bring it back down and lightly tap the ground with your foot before lifting your leg back up. Repeat 10-20 times.
  • Keep your hips square and your body low for the entire movement.

Extended: Single-Leg Squat
Single leg

  • Repeat the same motion, this time without letting your foot touch the ground. This is going to be harder to balance, so go slowly and do this 10-20 times to finish.
  • Stretch and repeat on the opposite leg.
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