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How to Do Warrior Push-Ups

How To: Warrior Push-Ups

I have the utmost respect for our uniformed men and women — they put their lives on the line every day. And they can also do multiple sets of push-ups without so much as a grimace on their barely sweaty faces. For those of us that sometimes, ahem, are challenged to elevate themselves back into the plank position, I've got a new kind of push-up for you that doesn't require a knees-on-the-floor starting position.

Besides pumping myself up during the intenSati class, I learned a new and fun version of the push-up. Instead of dropping to the floor in the typical plank position, you start the exercise in what is called the "warrior" position.

Want to see how to do it?

  • Your legs should be in lunge position with the knees directly over the ankles. Your rear should be low, and if possible, in line with your knees, and your tail bone tucked under with your core muscles engaged. The arms should be straight out to the side with the fingers flexed and pointed up toward the ceiling. Hold the pose for two seconds.
  • Jump both feet together and quickly place hands in typical push-up placement on the floor in front of you. Drop down into a plank position and do a regular push-up.
  • When you are ready to come back up, jump back with your feet together and then quickly jump into the warrior position again.

Start all over and do three sets of 15 or 20.

Starting Position

Jump Down Before Going to Plank

Getting in Position For Plank

Drop Down Into the Push-Up

Jumping Back to Standing Position
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