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How Do You Cure Your Hiccups?

When I was young I figured out how to give myself the hiccups, really loud frog like ones, and would do exactly that during sermons at church. My mother would whisper angrily to me to go play outside. I would run to the playground and hang out until I knew it was time to go back in and sit down for the last few minutes.

Recently, during a long car trip, my husband got this exact type of hiccups and nothing would make them go away.

So, I was wondering how do you cure your hiccups?

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kerneschick2005 kerneschick2005 10 years
*A big spoonful of peanut butter or *A spoonful of granulated sugar with a little tap water or *My dad hits a pressure point in my neck, it seems to fix it EVERY time!
Marci Marci 10 years
I've been doing the sugar since childhood. It never fails me. But I have to say there are few things that drive me more nuts than hiccups. I absolutely resent them if they last more than a few minutes. I'd be in a padded room if I had them for 3 weeks!
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 10 years
I just take a drink of water as I normally would. Works every time!
Season Season 10 years
I agree that the whole having someone hold your ears (good seal is important) and slowly drinking water absolutely works. I have no clue why. It also helps to take a few deep breaths after you drink before they let your ears open up again.
With-A-Z With-A-Z 10 years
I just had to write a quick comment to agree with Jess that a spoonful of peanut butter works EVERY time. I learned to do this when I was about 10 yrs old, and it has never not worked for me, or anyone else I suggest it to for that matter. try it next time!
partysugar partysugar 10 years
I'm with Giggle, the scare works for me too.
jess121302 jess121302 10 years
The best way is to: 1. Eat 2 teaspoons of Peanut Butter (works everytime) "or" 2. Drink water UPSIDE DOWN (do not do a headstand, just bend over) THROUGH A STRAW. I think that the Peanut Butter trick works the best!!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
You left out having someone scare the dickens out of you. That always works for me;)
skiacresluv skiacresluv 10 years
Hold my breath, works every time! Except sometimes I have to do it more than once...
Molly Molly 10 years
I find that the best (and only) cure is just to distract myself and forget I eve had the hiccups. I think that's really what all the other "cures" are doing anyway, right?
boosh-bitch boosh-bitch 10 years
I try to force myself to hiccup. It's sort of what krEnElk said.
Athena1 Athena1 10 years
I take seven sips of water at the rate pace and it usually cures it.
JustSomeChick JustSomeChick 10 years
I do the little sips of water, but I do 12, not 14!
Beaner Beaner 10 years
I slow down my breath to calm my diaphragm.
druiaen druiaen 10 years
Light one match. Extinguish it in a glass of water and drink the water. I have no idea why it works (a bartender told it to a friend's mom and said it was the sulfur from the match or something), but it's the only thing that works for me.
marlove marlove 10 years
I try to swallow with my tongue out. So I hold my tongue and then try to swallow - it's difficult, but sometimes it works!
BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 10 years
Hold your ears closed and drink a glass of water. It takes two people to do this but, it works every time. I learned this from my 5th grade teacher. Only back then..we used a water fountain instead of a glass of water.
BeeMoney BeeMoney 10 years
Six fast really deep loud breaths and then hold your breath for as long as you can. It works!
vigilante vigilante 10 years
When I was a kid one of my coaches told me to concentrate on my diaphram muscle and try to control it. She told me what it was and where it was and by the time my attention was brought to it they were gone.
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
If I let out all of my breath and then hold for about 20 seconds they usually go away.
mallomar mallomar 10 years
Squeeze the pressure point between your thumb and first finger. Squeeze hard for 30 seconds or so. Weird, but it works.
Bron-from-Oz Bron-from-Oz 10 years
If you offer someone $20 to hiccup again they can't. Don't know why it works but it does! I've even been brave enough to offer $100 - but have never ever had to pay it out!
krEnElk krEnElk 10 years
i've found that if someone tells me, "ok, hiccup now!" and i try to do it on cue, they stop!
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