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How Do You Feel About Running a Marathon?

'Tis the season for marathons. The Chicago Marathon was last weekend, the Nike Women’s Marathon is coming up this weekend on Oct. 19, and the NYC Marathon is Nov. 2.

Since I love to run, I've always had the goal in mind to run a marathon, but I'm giving myself a few years. What about you . . .

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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
before i broke my knee, my friends and i always talked about running and tried to get into the lottery and then i managed to hurt myself really badly and i couldn't run, and now my hopes of running that distance isn't likely anytime soon. for me right now, i work out and try to build strength and endurance but i don't see it happening for me that i'll run the marathon.
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 8 years
I am jealous of anyone that can run a marathon. I am such a slow runner with crappy lungs that I might be too embarrassed to ever trying running with other people. I personally just don't think my body is built for something like running, but I wish it were.
kia kia 8 years
I've done a marathon before and have not been aching to do another one. A half maybe. But it needs to be a special reason to run a full one again.
Allytta Allytta 8 years
running is my least favourite sport, though when i actually run i feel good afterwards. but when i'm biking/swimming/doing aerobics ect i feel good during and afterwards. i don't get people who run marathones, especially after working with organising Run to the Beat in London (half marathon) two weeks ago and it was a disaster and it only gives a lot of grief to everyone except the runners. especially the residents of the areas that the event is taking place.
runnergeek runnergeek 8 years
IM RUNNING BOSTON IN 2009! YAY!!! can't wait.
kimsy kimsy 8 years
I ran my first half last year with a plan to build up to a full, but I hurt my knee (doing plyometric cross-training exercises, not running) about halfway through the training. I made the mistake of not resting it and continuing with my training, and it is still messed up. Even with a painful knee, the race was so much fun, and this comes from someone who couldn't run a half mile at the beginning of training. I do miss running and wish I could do a full, but I don't see it in my future unless I find a way to fix my knee. Way to go, all you marathoners!
hayworthgilda hayworthgilda 8 years
in general, I avoid physical activities in which the first person to undertake them DIED. Like that poor Greek messenger guy running back and forth. Who looked at the poor dead dude and then said to himself: 'I'd like to try that! I bet we could even make this an annual contest type of thing!'? I do, however, love to cheer on the Chicago marathoners from the sidelines with my coffee and doughnuts in hand. :-)
bethiesny bethiesny 8 years
Here is some great information about marathons that cater to and/or are walker friendly:
vitisva vitisva 8 years
I've been looking into doing a walking marathon
soccerkim soccerkim 8 years
I'm a month out from my third marathon, training and hoping to qualify for Boston. I agree with javsmav and runningesq, running is actually great for your health as long as you don't overdo it. And I would definitely get competent and comfortable with shorter distances (5ks, 10ks, and half marathons) before you make the jump to full marathons. You are asking a lot of your body, but if you eat right and ramp up gradually, you can do it. But no one has to do it, half marathons are still long enough to be a challenge and will get you in great shape.
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 8 years
I feel sick thinking about running for that long. I wouldn't do it.
TxRdRaider TxRdRaider 8 years
I completed a half-marathon in 2006, but I fell out of running after that. I am finally getting back into it, did a 5K earlier this month and I can't wait to work back up to another half and then a full! I also completed my first half with my father, we ran in honor of my uncle who had just passed away from pancreatic cancer. I found that running for a cause (not being a natural runner) really helped motivate me and I plan on doing the full through the same organization to keep me on track.
taxgirl610 taxgirl610 8 years
I just ran the Chicago Marathon this weekend, and it's a great experience! I recommend that anyone that's remotely interested in doing it go for it!
runningesq runningesq 8 years
lydialee, wtg on the 1:51 HM! FWIW, my first marathon time was 4:45 at Baltimore, then I ran a 4:02 at Marine Corps(JUST missed breaking four hours!), then a 3:53 at Richmond. I'd like to qualify for Boston but I'm focusing on next year's Ironman right now -- although I am running the national marathon and home to go around a 3:55. Glossy, I totally agree --- it's amazing to see the variety of shapes and sizes and ages of runners. 18 year olds, 25 yr olds, 50, 60, 80+ yr old runners. It's awesome. Morenasobuena, good luck!! You are going to love the crowd support -- which is supposed to be AWESOME at ING NYC!
shepptacular shepptacular 8 years
I'm gearing up to do the NYC marathon in 2009 and I've done two half marathons so far. I think it requires some training but not enough that you're constantly fatigued. I don't run very fast but a lot of people in my workplace run the marathon and they aren't "insane" about their training. I get a nice feeling when I see people cheering me on so I can only imagine the marathon is going to be great.
WeightingGame WeightingGame 8 years
I went and cheered on my friend this year...but it's just not for me. Surprising, considering my love of working out. I just truly don't feel like I'm "built" for it.
Renees3 Renees3 8 years
Maybe one day. I ran a 5k last May and want to do that again but I've been having major heel/ankle pain. I'm hoping they'll heal soon so I can start running again. I felt the best when I was running, i miss it.
glossyveneer glossyveneer 8 years
Not every marathoner looks sick, fatigued or hungry. They're not all stick-thin. That was one of the inspiring things I took away from my first marathon in January... the amazing variety of body types that are participating and they're all beautiful. It's so much more than the image of an endurance athlete as we're presented by the media.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
I'm a long distance runner (and swimmer). I've been on sports teams, and fitness exercised for the last 20 years. Each week, I log in several miles in running (including other excercises). Personally, I would never participate in a marathon. I think it's too much wear and tear on the body in one session. JMHO.
bethiesny bethiesny 8 years
Hmm... I would rather train than be unhealthy. I think that's a better way to put it. Not everyone who races half maras and maras is "not fat."
Savs Savs 8 years
I'm currently training for the LA Marathon on President's day! I look at the 26.2 miles, and it's a touch overwhelming. But I'm training with a team here at uni, and they have a set distance for each time we run. Today's 3 miles doesn't look like a lot, and I was ok with our 5 mile long run on Sunday, so those distances are less scary. I'm hoping it will kind of sneak up on me: 5 miles is less scary now, so the 6 coming up this Sunday won't be so bad and BOOM. Before you know it I'll be running in the marathon. As for the health issue- I personally think it's better to train than be fat (before I started training for this I was the highest weight I had ever been. Still ok, but kinda pudgy). Yeah, the olympic marathoners might be kin dof an extreme, but I'm just looking to finish, even if I have to walk over the finishline (but I hope not).
lydialee_home lydialee_home 8 years
runningesq - your PR is good. I hoped I can do that one day. It took me 4:50 for my very first marathon (Silicon Valley). I was exhausted at the end. I did a 4:29 for my recent one (San Francisco marathon) - but the SFM has a lot more hills, so definitely an improvement for mine. What I am happy about is my RNRSJ (Rock and Roll San Jose 1/2 marathon). It took me 2:05 for 2007 (after 12 weeks of training), and I did a 1:51 this year. I improve about 1 min per mile, so I am pretty happy about that. javsmav - 16 weeks to train for a marathon - this is for someone who already have a "base" - certain kind of fitness level. I agree with you - it's not enough time for people who did not exercise at all. It took me 4 months to train for my first, but I was able to do a Olympic distance triathlon to begin with. Fit - you should try to sign up one. You will have the motivation to train once you set a goal and sign up one.
mtiger mtiger 8 years
I am not a runner...I wonder if they'll ever have an elliptical marathon! Haha! :)
malady19 malady19 8 years
I've actually run 2 and am about to run my 3rd on sunday in Denver!
runningesq runningesq 8 years
and yes, Fit, I agree! Sign up! Crossing that finish line to a cheering crowd is a feeling like no other! :)
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