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FitSugar reader AZDaisy posted this question in the RunningSugar community group.

Hey everyone! So I've been running off and on for years now, but I just started getting serious, and I'm running my first half marathon this February! The longest I've run before was 7 miles . . . so replenishing my energy mid-run has never been an issue thus far. But I've read that for every hour you work out, you need to eat something, and that's where the gels, gummies, and bars come in. However, I've also read that you need to drink water when you eat these things, and where I run there's typically no water source, nor do I like the idea of carrying a water bottle with me on my long runs. I'm just curious . . . what do you long distance runners do when it's time to boost your energy mid-run?

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culinarycutie culinarycutie 7 years
I have a really weak stomach, sometimes I can hardly drink water. It really helps having a camelback so that I can take small sips without stopping at all. As far as refueling if I'm running 10 miles or less I can ussually push through without any food but for longer than that I eat a gu packet after an hour and a half.
kclulu kclulu 7 years
I am training for my 4th marathon and just got introduced to Hammer gu's and nutritional bars and I LOVE them. They are a lot less harsh on my tummy, they taste really good and are made with more natural ingredients. I Love that brand and I highly reccomend it.
cotedazur cotedazur 7 years
Oh my gosh, definitely carry water! I don't know how you'd run for an hour or more without having a fuel belt. I really like Squeezy brand gels - the taste isn't out of this world, but they're very easily digestible and not overly sugary. For your training runs, adding some energy powder to your water should be enough; I only use gels for 90 minute runs or more. But you should definitely try whatever you're going to use in the race for at least one training run beforehand. And get a fuel belt!
chibarosa chibarosa 7 years
It just depends on your body's needs, and everyone is different. This year I ran two half marathons and a few 5ks, and I know this isn't best for everyone, but I don't take water when I train - even on hot days. During the half marathons I stopped twice at hydration stations. For me, it isn't worth the stomach upset to use gels and I don't feel like I need the fuel. Again, every body is different and it's important to try things out to find out what's best for you.
Dachshunds1234 Dachshunds1234 7 years
I like clif shot bloks and clif shot gels. I make sure that I take sips of water throughout my runs and also try to space them out.
itsallabouttheg itsallabouttheg 7 years
i like clif shot blocks. they taste kind of like fruit snacks and it allows me to space them out instead of trying to slurp an entire gel mid-run (when i trained for my half, i'd have one block and a few sips of water after about an hour of running and then every 20 minutes or so after that). i tend to cramp if i have a lot of water at once while running, so i purchased a camelbak pack for my outdoor runs so i can take occasional sips (i run with an mp3 player, so i take a few sips every other song). if you go this route, you might need to buy an extra chest strap to minimize bouncing.
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