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How Do You Stay Fit on Vacation?

I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, and I can't wait. I'm excited to see the sites and enjoy springtime in Europe, and I'm probably disproportionately excited about trying the local cuisine in every city.

Of course, going on a food-filled tour is not the same as taking an exercise-focused vacation like a fitness retreat, but I still am strategizing about how I'll be incorporating exercise into my daily vacay routine. I'm planning on renting bikes to tour around London as well as hitting the hotel gym, and I know I'll be the walking a lot with all the things to do around town.

Whether it's sightrunning or always booking a hotel with a gym, how do you stay fit on vacation? Or do you use vacation time to take a break until you get back home?

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Leta-Shy Leta-Shy 6 years
I love all these ideas! Sounds like walking and biking are the ways to go. @Spartygirl03, hiring a running guide sounds fun too. And bjeanne18, that video is hilarious. Love the ToneItUp girls!
Spartygirl03 Spartygirl03 6 years
I love to explore new cities by running. I've gone running in Paris and Berlin, but also Minneapolis, Boston, and Austin. My husband and I hired a running guide to lead us on a run through Montreal, so we got to see the areas where tourists don't usually get to explore without a local. I'm looking forward to running in Raleigh and Seattle this summer!
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
Okay, not sure if anyone has seen the Tone It Up group on here but the girls just posted an AWESOME video about working out at the airport!!! you should check it out ;)
jesikah85 jesikah85 6 years
My husband and I took our bikes on a road trip to Savannah, GA. We rode all around the town, it was beautiful and much less hectic not having to worry about finding parking. We also hiked Eagle Mountain on a trip to MN.
trinachka trinachka 6 years
I like to use vacation time as a chance to work out in ways I don't normally—so I'd rent a bike and go sightriding, or yeah, be sure to pack my sneaks and go for a run (also a great chance to do some people-watching!). I also like to use the hotel pool and of course just walk a lot...and I pack a jump rope and exercise bands (like these ones at Perform Better:, which are super lightweight and work if running where you're situated isn't a viable/comfortable option.
bjeanne18 bjeanne18 6 years
I'm going on my first trip to Europe next week and am thinking about the same thing! I definitely feel like trying some of the local cuisine is a big part of travelling - and am very excited to find fresh produce, cheeses & wines at the local markets! That being said, if the hotel offers a fitness room try fitting in just 30min of high intensity exercise and you'll feel so much better all day. Plus, as as Katie225 said above, lots of walking/biking if you're sight seeing - that helps. Also, if the weather is nice I plan on trying to go for a run outside even though my sneakers take up valuable room in my suitcase -- there is nothing better than taking a jog in a completely new and gorgeous environment!
cheyn1 cheyn1 6 years
Walking and biking and using public transportation instead of a taxi. It's amazing how those few extra blocks you have to walk add up.
katie225 katie225 6 years
i just went to paris in february, and i thought that eating all of the pastries and wine would DEFINITELY make me gain weight! the funny thing was, i actually lost weight because of all the walking and biking we did. we biked around with a tour group one day, and then spent the rest of the time walking and taking the subway everywhere. the only other vacation i've been on is to yosemite, where i try to visit once a year. obviously, we hike everything and the pounds just fly right off!
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