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Extra Tastes Can Turn Into a Pound of Weight Gain in a Week

Gaining and losing weight is really about math. In order to lose a pound, you must burn or cut out 3,500 calories per week (500 calories a day). Unfortunately on the other side of the equation, if you consistently overeat an extra 500 calories each day . . . well . . . that's how you end up not fitting into your pants. Calories add up, and here is a simple breakdown to illustrate how easy it can be to eat an extra 500 calories in one day. Do this over the course of seven days, and you're bound to see the scale jump up one pound.


  • One half and half container in your cup of coffee (20 calories): The same amount of skim milk is only six calories.
  • One small bite of a Krispy Kreme Glazed Doughnut (47 calories): Thanks to your boss for bringing in a box to share, and I know they melt in your mouth, but had you known that little bite was almost 50 calories, you may have passed.

Total Extra Breakfast Calories: 67


  • A 12-ounce bottle of Izze Clementine (133 calories): Sure, it's sparkling juice, but it contains almost as many calories as a Coke.
  • Half a tablespoon of chipotle aioli (flavored mayonnaise) on your sandwich (40 calories): It adds tons of flavor, but a crazy amount of calories too.
  • Half a cereal bar (75 calories): Your toddler didn't want it so you polished it off in one bite. Next time you might want to store it in a baggie for your little one for later.

Total Extra Lunch Calories: 248

I'm just getting started, so keep reading to find out how little bites throughout the rest of your day can tack on an extra 200 calories.


  • A bite of your hubby's cheeseburger (56 calories): You just couldn't resist taking a juicy chomp — who knew it was over 50 calories?
  • Five garlic croutons on your salad (50 calories): A fresh salad is a super healthy meal; it's the toppings that add on the calories.
  • A few french fries dipped in ketchup (48 calories): Instead of ordering a side of fries with your meal, you stole some off your hubby's plate. A few fries definitely add up.

Total Extra Dinner Calories: 154


  • Two Hershey's Kisses (44 calories): This calorie amount is much less than a bowl of ice cream, but definitely adds calories to your day.

Total Calories: 44

Grand Total Extra Calories: 513

Oh, those small bites of foods really do add up. If you eat extras like this all week long, you might find your jeans feeling a bit snug. Now if you're trying to slim down, you can see how cutting simple things out of your daily diet can help you drop a pound in a week and help you reach your weight loss goal.

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